Diamonds can be your best friend... Four C's to find the perfect ring

It’s common knowledge all diamonds are not created equal. Understanding what constitutes a great diamond can be helpful in the search for a perfect ring.  

Diamonds are priced and categorized by four different things (often referred to as the four c’s): cut, color, clarity and carat.

Cut: The cut of the diamond is said to have the most influence on the diamond’s sparkle, and is therefore considered the most important aspect when considering the four areas. If it’s cut too shallow or too deep, the diamond may appear dull. Getting the highest cut grade within your budget will ensure maximum sparkle.

Color: When talking about diamonds, less color is actually a good thing. The less color, the higher the color grade is and the higher quality of diamond. If you’re wanting to avoid the pale yellow color, choosing a high grade diamond will guard against this.  

Clarity: Every diamond has imperfections called inclusions. The less inclusions a diamond has, the higher the clarity grade. Clarity is usually considered less important than the three other areas because most inclusions aren’t visible to the naked eye. When the inclusions are smaller, they also don’t affect the look and sparkle of the diamond.

Carat: When thinking about carat, most people think about the size of the diamond. Carat actually refers to the diamond’s weight. Carat coincides closely with cut. A larger carat diamond with a poor cut grade could appear smaller. A lighter carat diamond with a high cut grade could actually appear larger. Great quality cut and carat = amazing diamond.

Happy ring shopping!