Pinterest: Helpful wedding planner or a bride's worst nightmare?

I once heard someone say, “I wish I could have gotten married when Pinterest was a thing.” Although it seems strange to even think of a world without Pinterest, I know a lot of brides who rely on it for ideas and inspiration for their wedding day.  

Some girls get engaged and immediately start furiously creating boards and pinning everything (or referring to boards they have had created for months or even years). When the justification is there, it’s no longer weird or strange to have six different boards and 500+ pins for wedding plans. In the midst of this whirlwind, the inevitable conflict begins.

It looks something like this: “I love navy for bridesmaid dresses, but I found this picture of coral. Now I think I want coral.” This train of thought has no boundaries: “Okay I really want an outdoor garden wedding… But this photo of a church wedding looks great too. I don’t know what one I like more.” All of the sudden it’s like you can’t remember what you like anymore. Your personal style abruptly dissipates into the abyss of pins and photos. Because if the setting is pretty, the models are attractive and the photography is professional, suddenly everything seems like a good idea and all of your ideas seem tacky and outdated.

Long story short, Pinterest can make you crazy when you start to plan your wedding. Here are a few tips to keep the Pinterest monster at bay and not hate your wedding planning:

Keep your intended look and style in mind: If you want a classic, black tie event keep that in mind and in your search criteria when you’re looking for ideas. This tends to limit the urge to switch the entire theme of your wedding five different times.

Think about your venue before you start searching: It’s okay to change your mind. But the chances are, if you have always wanted a church wedding, looking at different wedding venues on Pinterest will only make you frustrated.  

Be realistic: If you’re a DIY fanatic, exercise caution. Creating all the décor for your wedding is great, but it can also burn you out. Pick one or two things you want to make yourself that are doable projects within your timeframe.

Only search for what you need: If you are looking for ideas for wedding cakes, don’t spend three hours looking at flower arrangements. You will start to question everything you have planned. Look for what you need, find a few great options and log off.

Be open to new ideas: If you have no idea where to start or don’t have any previous ideas, Pinterest is a great place to start. Get a few ideas and then log off. Use Pinterest as a help / resource, but not as the end all for everything you need to plan your wedding.